Revision Policy

Revision Policy

1) All students are required to accept our terms and condition, policy before placing your order.

2) The student will provide us with all the mandatory guidelines & instructions during the placement of the order.

3) Students can claim unlimited revisions for absolutely free of cost, in case we ever fail to adhere to their instructions.

4) The company will not entertain any additional work which was not discussed at the time of order placement.

5) All additional work will be charged additionally according to the requirement based upon word count and the nature of work.

6) Order with a word count of 250 to 5000 words can be asked for revision within 15 days of its delivery after that all the
revisions will be charged.

7) Order to 5000-word count or more can be filled for revision within 30 days of its delivery, after it, all the revisions
will be charged.

8) On public holidays and Sundays, no revision shall be administered by us.

9) Orders having the deadline are within 24 hours shall receive their revisions within 8 to 12 hours after requesting

10) 48 hours or more lengthy deadline will receive their revisions within 24 hours after request.

11) If the word count is about 5000-9750 words, then work will require at least three to four days for revision.

12)At least five-seven days for revision would be required if the word count is about 10000 words or more.

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